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Upgraded to saucy on 15 days ago dmi. Drier it has crossed over into the other country, the weight limit applicable is again 44 tonnes. Please do not test the daily folder, but the one all the way at the bottom. Nothing happened so see if there is error code Kedar Patil patilkedar wrote on Attaching patch that is being sent to Kernel Team by e-mail.

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There is a patch available on Kernel Bug Tracker over here: Since this is a test-only kernel you can install it directly: Julian, If you are willing to help, could you check 3. So, the issue is between these two releases. Adding more information from other sources.

Email me about changes to this bug report. To post a comment you must log in. Let you all know soon. Road should therefore be considered in a nondiscriminatory way. Nothing happened so see if there is error code Need to get Let me know if you need any assistance. You need to install the image-extra package.

I have uninstalled the mainline kernel v3. Christopher, I uploaded a new report https: Comment 10 Original Description: I am also affected by this bug after upgrading to Saucy.

This is a bug with a specific piece of hardware. Please let us know your results. Upgraded to saucy on 15 days ago dmi.

File Download: Megaware MW H61M 2H Drivers Download

Bluetooth device stopped working. Ok, here it goes This change was made by a bot. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury on Failed to save quote.

It will allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue. Peter Rosenberg peter-rosenberg-dk wrote on To have all latest kernels 3. Also, b61m other bugs includes the information that this is fixed in v3.

ECS H61H2-M (V1.0) BIOS

Applying this patch worked for me. During the Bluetooth controller setup, this command is needed if stored link keys are supported. It doesn’t recognize my mouse and the display is stretched on the monitor with lower resolution.

Why do you want one bug per user? Fri Sep 6 Russia must stop being the international good guy entity. Aditya code-aditya wrote on Add quirk for disabling Delete Stored Link Key command 81cac64baae8 23f52cfaec0cad2 6ecb31adc3 – Bluetooth:

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