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Everyone in guitar-dom has played a TS9 and recorded with one. Although it’ll do overdrive, that’s not the strength of this mod. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. This is a very Hi-Fi Low Noise opamp and will add clarity and fullness to the effect. By swapping out these cheaper quality parts with more expensive higher quality components and changing a few values here and there you can substantially improve the quality of the effect of the Dyna Comp. One will blink at the Rate the Chorus effect is set to by the Rate knob and the other will show when the effect is engaged. This is especially noticeable in the higher frequencies.

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So essentially you could use this as a boost type gain pedal. Dial up the Dist and the Boost Gain and hold on to your hat! This mp3 was submitted by Juergen Ehle of Germany.

Think early Led Zepplin Tone here. TS9 Clean Boost Sample 1. Reverb and delay bules added in Cubase when mixed down. That’s right, Paypal will let you pay with your credit card and even your bank account in some areas.

The Dyna is notorious for bleeding highs off the circuit. It takes a rather okay sounding pedal and transforms bluew into a boutique level distortion. We modify a capacitor that doubles the rate of the bluds effect to give you a super fast chorus effect while preserving the slow rate. I did this mod, but I think something came out wrong.

They will inspire you to play. You will need to make sure that the chip you want to replace has enough clearance above the chip to accommodate the adapter.

Which Monte Allums mod for my BD-2?

With the mod I flatten out the scooped mids and add warmth and clarity. He replaces many of the cheap components with more audiophile type pieces.

To me, it mimics a tube amp quite well in terms of a montd overdriven amp sound. The gain after this mod has that same type of airy and open gain that the OCD is famous for. This allows the Chip Adapter to be monye in pedals that have limited room. Your name or email address: Sigh… I have the worst case of G. Taking nothing away from the H2O, the H2O is a top selling mod for us.

Great transperent chord OD.

I tried to do the Dynacomp mod at the same time. But the real magic happens in the upper frequencies. The SD is one of my personal favorites. Make sure your H220 pcb looks exactly like this. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Smoother tone and less noise are a result of this awesome mod.

Monte Allums BD H20 Mod | The Gear Page

The pedal would be okay for a boost at lower gain but there’s hardly any volume with the gain dialed down. I also upgrade some of the older caps.

It doesn’t get nearly as heavy as the Metal Zone, for example, with the distortion cranked it is adequate for Nirvana style distortion on one of the clipping settings.

Very smooth, yet biting gain. May 12, 6. I will not be offering those mods.

Anyone else do the Blues Driver “H2O” mod?! (monte allums content) | Harmony Central

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But my persistence did pay off and I’ve had a blast duplicating those early Hendrix tones with my modded BMP.

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