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How many drives did you buy in total? You could just use NTFS mount points to make several drives act like folders on one. You don’t have more than 2 devices on any one channel. Turn it on and work. The Enlight SCA chassis will be available later this month. A flame is not me suggesting that you should use a different level of RAID.

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The workstation is on a maple floor. My drive speed will increase on RAID. My cable modem is fast because I have a few users on my segment.

RAID Controller LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-0 Ultra320 SCSI Cache 64mb PCI

Here’s the overall pic, click it to get the rest: Dell and Gateway are my vendors for workstations at the office. This post does not reflect the opinions of any government, megarai, organization or person.

You could hear the clicking. Thu Apr 03, 2: I use No-CD patches to play my games.

LSI Logic MegaRAID PCI Dual Channel Ultra SCSI RAID Controller | eBay

Isn’t cabling a mess? Wed Apr 02, 2: Rebuilding and restoring is a project in itself.

The IDE cables won’t fit, unfortunatly – not enough room. Seagate 9G cheetah original Maxtor G 8M cache rpm top two drives are software raid0, next 4 are raid10, the IDE drive is standalone for storage. However I wouldn’t mind learning what your reason for your SCSI implimentation is, I might be overlooking something in my set-up. I will be moving most of it to another SCSI chassis soon.

That one is broken. Why not get the most from it. Aug 16, Posts: Megarqid, I’m terribly sorry–I thought I had updated my e-mail address in my profile, but I hadn’t.

E-mail me, mckennma wideopenwest. I need accuracy for these projects. Here’s my most cluttered case, the server: Jan 30, Posts: Wed Apr 02, 6: It lacked the second channel.

Most interestingly megarai me, I really can’t figure out why you seem to need all those opticals on 2 seperate devices, why not have them all on the ? Z Sphinx, The way you have acted to some posters, I thought it was your site.

RAID Controller LSI Logic MegaRAID Ultra SCSI Cache 64mb PCI | eBay

The upgrade from U to U is a dubious one I would not get the full performance from megarai drives. The Super Digibin has a 30 GB hard drive. I plan on taking a few thousand pictures on my Canon S I just had 2 Maxtor drives installed on my computer each time.

It took three weeks to install all my apps, games, data, etc. Up to you, anyway.

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