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The light weight seems well suited to make this a long hitting club. I enjoyed your thoughts Ryan, I actually like the low profile face a lot. Paulo September 6, – 6: The head cover is sharp looking as well. Jeremy Heslop August 13, – I do not like lound sounding clubs either…hehe.

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I found it to have ample forgiveness, a design that made me feel like I was going to hit it well, considerable distance, and a very attractive ball flight. The club is not busy at address and focus on the ball and club path is easy.

Maruman Shuttle i4000x Fairway Wood Review

DawgDaddy August 30, – 9: The Toughest Maraging on the face, and Tungsten weight in the sole for W7 through W13, provides a higher trajectory for landing softly on the green.

The club is finished in a deep black with some nice detailing and artwork which accentuates the back of the head. Odyssey Red Ball Putter. Editor and writer Ryan Hawk lives in northwestern Illinois with his fiance and son.

It is definitely vertically challenged and required me to tee the ball quite low.

The Toughest Maraging on the face, and Tungsten weight in the sole for W7 through W13, provides a higher trajectory for landing softly on the green. The Shuttle iX is engineered to provide outstanding distance, maximum control, and uncompromising performance. Holiday Cheer Contest Day 3: Check out our contests! I just watched your videos on the forum and that is a loud driver.

Thoughts on the Aesthetics Maruman has designed a very nice looking driver with the Shuttle.

Maruman Shuttle ix Driver Review – The Hackers Paradise

I highly recommend it! Great to see such a different type of design for a driver. Highly recommend the 3 wood.

Outstanding video review Ryan — I enjoyed watching that. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Very forgiving and easy to hit the ball straight.

If you are going to pony up the cash for one of these babies, be sure to test out all the shaft options and make sure you find a good match for your swing. With precise and strategic placement of power ribs top-sole within the head, to further aid in increased structural strength for absorbing impact shhuttle, and providing a well-tune sound at impact.


Coolbreeze August 13, – The shaft in the ix is proprietary to Maruman and is designed to launch the ball high. Marumna is made of imitation leather, has a handy spot for pulling it off the club, and has a very cool opalescent logo on the front of it.

Lastly, I wanted to touch quickly […]. As far as auditory feedback goes, the sound the club makes is right up there with the aesthetics. Thechosen1 August 30, – 7: Michael Cook September 6, – 5: More speed equals more yards.

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This baby is a beauty. This was especially true when I hit the ball high on the face, which shuttle becoming my typical miss with the driver.

Sounds like this one was the opposite. Great job as usual Hawk!

Odyssey Red Ball Putter November 19, There are some attractive graphics on the top of the club head, while the sole has a pretty simple design to it.

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