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They are really intended for driving DC motors. And, incidentally, most of the “proper” stepper motor driver boards can’t drive 5-wire steppers. Thanks in advance for your help. A stepper cannot do that, so if you don’t explicitly control the current then you will just overheat things. If your project uses a few motors you can buy boards that drive 3 or 4 motors and that may work out cheaper.

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If you buy a dedicated stepper controller like an A or TB, the chip includes all three components: The reason that a DC motor lm1d8200 require a current-feedback chopper is that it has significant back-EMF while rotating. Before I bought some stepper motors I did some research.

LMD18200 H-Bridge Module for DC Motor

A dc motor reverses direction by reversing polarity. Though excellent, Geckos are pretty expensive.

See the attached table for the sequence. Robin2, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of driving a stepper motor by reversing coil polarity. I also read the help on Arduino examples with Stepp Motor library http: That diagram refers to a 5-wire stepper.

Lots of confusion in this thread. Unlike a dc motora stepper motor requires power to maintain a motionless position. They are really intended for driving DC motors.

LMD H-Bridge Module for DC Motor – Electronics-Lab

Then I did a bit more research and discovered it would be a lot simpler still to buy a ready-made stepper motor driver board from Pololu.

Robin2 Brattain Member Posts: The ONLY thing that changes is the sequence. There are some circuits with several condensers necessary probably to pass the pick current and some diodes to avoid probably parassite current.

I thought that a stepper motor could only work by attraction.

Steppsr don’t need to control the current, because the mechanics of the motor kind of do that automatically: I’m not expert,it clear, so your comments lmd1820 some further questions. It didn’t take long to discover that companies stepper Allegro know more about driving stepper motors than I will ever know so I decided to use an A chip.

Perhaps because I am only looking at the electronics and not the magnetics. Is it referring to unipolar motor? You have not provided a schematic of how you wired the chip or specified the power supply you are using to power the stepper motor or posted your code so there is not much we can do with no information other than your report that it is not working.

Lmd H-bridge Stepper Motor Driver Power IC 3a 55v | eBay

I hope this happens because it seems the chip is quite popular. Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation steppet most programming problems. In order to understand this, you need to understand the difference in operation of a dc motor verses a stepper. It must always have TWO coils energized at any given time.

You need to under stand Robin’s comment about H-Bridgesdc motors and stepper motors. His motor has 6 wires unipolar sttepper he is only using 4 so he still has to energize two windings at all times. Try Ebay – search for 3amp or 5amp stepper driver boards. I installed it on the baseboard mktor by sparkfun on this purpose https: A bipolar stepper motor REQUIRES two H bridges to drive it, but it also unless it is a very low-power model with high winding resistance also requires a current-control circuit.

You can do that very manually using a couple lnd18200 comparators and a or a flipflop or you could probably also make an L work for you here too. Driving stepper motors with H-bridges is like eating spaghetti with a single chopstick.

If your project uses a few motors you can buy boards that drive 3 or 4 motors and that may work out cheaper.

In 4 wire omd18200 which are more common there are only two coils and the current is reversed in them and they can be driven with a H-bridge – just not nearly as effectively as using a proper stepper motor driver board. It is either moving in 1,2,3,4 order or 4,3,2,1 order.

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