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This versatile digital note recorder is It is bundled 13 languages handwriting recognition software program for users around the world. You make the city’s big shots look brilliant. Once your notes have been loaded into the D-Note’s special software, you can do all kinds of nifty things to them, including changing the color of the background, inserting artwork or photographs in the background, adding shapes, underlining, etc. And best of all, if you’ve got a boss who’s always contradicting what he or she told you, you can E-MAIL them the very notes you took when they were spouting off!!! Some have a built-in screen, some don’t. I’d also imagined that a graphics tablet might prove useful for working with co-authors remotely.

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LaPazz D-Note DNA Digital Note Recorder Forget about the days of taking hand notes and retyping ,apazz, the DNA instantly captures your hand-written notes, diagrams and drawings from ink pen and regular paper and stores them as digital pages. Amidst a growing number of note taking devices that came to market in recent years, LaPazz D-Note stands out in simplicity, manageability, and industrial design. This thread is closed to new comments.

What’s the point of a Wacom if your not an artist? Didn’t used for last 12 years.

We are working mothers, we are childless; some of us are married, others single; we’re city-dwellers and suburban commuters, of widely varying ages.

How about smaller devices like the Pegasus Mobile Notetaker or various digital pens?

D-Note Digital Note Pad | OhGizmo!

Posted by Violet Newsstead at Here’s how the D-Note works, in a nutshell. We’re smart, savvy, and we like to laugh. A program called VectorPen claims some limited support on the Digital notepad side.

It is bundled 13 languages handwriting recognition software program for users around the world. Wacom has graded sensitivity, generally more levels of pressure too. For more information, Visit www. It is capable of the following: Bought it for my husband but didn’t need it as much as we thought. I just want to sketch stuff and write equations.

You make the city’s big shots look brilliant.

D-Note Digital Note Pad

Tis the season for the Mefi Mall – shop fine products by Mefites! Simply turn the D-Note’s power on and start writing.

Wacom doesn’t make this sort of digital notepad product afaik.

I’m not an artist. It saves you the trouble of doing the “ha ha you’re wrong” dirty work face-to-face, too.

Lapazz to present new digital notepad ‘D-Note’

Just A Sec Community: No doubt people will bring up Wacom tablets. JPG file, is visible the page on which you hand-wrote your notes. Keep on goin’ strong, administrative superheroes! You’re the one who holds it all together. You bring home the bacon and you fry it up in the pan.

Ascendent X5S Never installed 7 28mm cameras, 1 large camera Digital video recorder. Right there on your computer screen, saved as a. Get an alert with the newest ads for “digital recorder” in British Columbia.

Size 20 x 9 x 6″ Missing battery compartment door at the back. So if you’d like to introduce us to your product or service, feel free to e-mail us at justasecnyc yahoo.

Well, one point is that Wacom may be the only tablet maker who has Mac compatible handwriting recognition, but I’m probably not using that anyway. Since OSX runs on intel these days, and some people have it lpazz on non-apple machines, and wacom is supported, you may have an angle that way.

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