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Provide a replication scenario. SC 00 Connectivity Guide for Accessing Greenplum Databases describes how to connect to Greenplum databases and perform various data access and metadata import operations. If present, these trace files should be included in the data gathered for IBM Support. Ops Console Workload Manager. The path and filename can be determined by inspecting the audit. T o provide IBM Support with sufficient information to debug a problem with Oracle Connectivity, the following are the minimal collection requirements that should be provided.

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Netezza Connector Mesage Reference includes the messages that are returned by the Netezza connector. Collect all files inside the most recent folder. PX configuration files The PX configuration file describes the machine resources available to the PX engine, including the number of nodes physical and virtualand scratch and permanent disk resources, etc.

The steps are similar to the deadlock monitor. Collect all files contained in this directory and its subdirectories.

Installing the ODBC client

See below for modified locations. Also includes information about troubleshooting, validating the installation, and configuring the system. In eebsphere cases, you need to capture details about a particular connection to the database. The following commands may generate log files and atrifacts to collect: For effective debugging, in most cases where you need an application snapshot, you also need a lock snapshot.

This should only be performed under the direction of IBM Support. PX Engine information and files to collect. Server machine – Information Server 8. Use the following commands to gather and generate the files described above.

Information Governance Catalog log files.

Configuring ODBC access to WebSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS data sources

Client logs for any client who sees a deadlock error. The database deadlock is recognized by the SQLCode: XMeta Metabrokers and Bridges All WebSphere Application Server logs Database configuration settings DB2 diagnostic log Database statement snapshot A series of database lock snapshots taken at semi-regular intervals when the lock timeouts occur.

Webspherw DB2 for these to take effect: Information Server Patches history. Read the operating system manual pages and product documentation for usage and other information, if necessary.

MustGather for IBM InfoSphere In

Files and Data to collect: Do not collect files found in deeper folder levels, as they may contain user sensitive data. The primary characteristic of this problem is a client application that stops responding. DB2 automatically creates a deadlock monitor at database creation time. General classix about the problem encountered 2. To install the WebSphere Federation Server fix pack: WebSphere Application Server installation log.

The Director log If a job fails consistently, and you are able to edit the job, collect a Debugging directory for the job.

All logs and Workload Manager properties. When you use the ODBC wrapper to connect to a Classic federation data source on the zLinux operating system, the number of connections is limited to 1.

F older where Information Server is installed. Returns the version of the DB2 client or server. Run the following commands in a DB2 command line prompt: WebSphere Application Server information and files to collect.

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