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Bring in your plans. It’s impressive when a piece of hi-fi sounds so good that the desire to tweak it is almost non-existent, but that is the case with the hiFace DAC, as it was with the iDAC. The 5th generation iPod Touch is a terrific bargain providing an inexpensive playground from which to experiment with dingus DAC compatibility. Televisions, Floorstanding speakers, Subwoofers and Package systems. From multi-room audio to a custom theatre, our audio visual designers have years of experience creating systems for some of Australia’s finest homes. Because of the weight of the Harmonic Tech cables, which stretched from the laptop at the very top of my rack to the preamp on the bottom shelf, I had to prop up the little DAC with its own packaging. Greatest Bits Component List.

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There’s little to add about the sound of this DAC because it simply does everything so well. In the end it will be worth it. Phase noise main responsible for jitter is also very low: Well, the hiFace did exactly the same. The Winter Music Mix.

Like the best out there, it uses asynchronous USB, in which the master clock for the digital data is provided by the Hifade, not the computer’s internal clock, so in effect the DAC tells the computer when it needs data, rather than trying to field everything the computer is hurling at it. You’ve lived with a wonderful music room for years, and just as your system has reached its current zenith, you’re moving on! First contact is at: Monday to Saturday – 10 – 6 Sunday – 1 – 6.

Soulution — hiafce Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling. Leave this field blank.

We have 12 demontration areas spread across 5 buildings and are expert at offering an impression managed experience to suit an individuals tastes. And a big wink to Steven on the Tranquility Bases.

In terms of being a hi-fi bargain, the answer is surely – YES!

Check out Fanatics Choicewhere we draw upon over a hundred years of Hi-Fi expertise to bring you a finely crafted Hi-Fi system. In fact it demonstrated the superiority of hi-res material better than most of the DAC’s I had tried previously, the iDAC being the exception. If you want expedited shipping, an option should be available at checkout.

And even better, in that embarrassing moment when someone says ‘Is that a high-end digital-to-analogue converter in your pocket, or…? Yes it still suffers from some design irregularities even after the updates but the sound and portability is simple amazing. Related Latest Reviews Recommended.

What Hi-Fi?

My Account Log In. How does it sound? This carefully curated collection of components is specially selected to sound even hifaxe than the sum of it’s parts. Its output voltage is 2. I can see this little orange DAC becoming a very familiar sight in many audiophile systems.

Jean-Michel Blais — Eviction Sessions.

[Review] M2Tech hiFace USB DAC listening test

Find out more about shipping. We are open seven days a week Monday to Saturday 10 – 6, and Sunday 1 – 6. Just connect it to your Mac, iPad or Linux computer and it will be immediately visible in the devices list and ready to use.

High, in your dax. Thanks to all who have welcomed me, either in postings or in thought. Add to Compare Email to a Friend.

M2Tech Hi Face Dac

I’ve been enjoying my hiFace DAC for a couple months and it’s nice to hifacr a detailed review from a fellow Oaklander. Greatest Bits Component List.

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