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The drivers available for 2k and XP will cause your machine to blue screen if you change frequiences to many times Up the version to 1. Oct 14, Posts: Cleanup code and small changes. Whitespace cleanups Michael Krufky Bad name of the sunplus subdriver in Kconfig.

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Sanity checking to data input via S2API to the cx demod. Mon Jan 13, 6: All BT tv tuner cards are capable of tuning FM.

Add some lost controls to the s5k83a sensor. Vflip added for sonixj – ov It’s just down to whatever software you choose to download for this purpose. The included dipole antenna cannot pick up a single station.

Jun 16, Posts: Basically, the main changes are: I’m looking for a good and hopefully inexpensive FM receiver so my dad can listen to radio shows on his PC. Cleanup code that prepares tuning structures.

Hed 64 Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Declare missing camera and processing unit controls. Remove comment lines which refer to checkpatch’s behavior Mikko Ohtamaa 1: Change the default SNR units back to percentage by default. Don’t destroy the URBs on disconnect.

FM Stereo Decoder

A PCI tuner just isn’t going to be as nice as a standalone radio, even a relatively cheap one. Set the vertical flip at streamon time in sonixj.

Removed the typedef for the commands, used defines instead. Buy a real radio, and a ffm to plug the headphone jack into the inputs on the souncard.

Allow reliable use of old and new api on the same frontend, regardless. Mauro Carvalho Chehab San Diego, CA Registered: Fix incomplete frame drop when switching to a variable size format.

Gemtek USB FM Radio 21

Mon Jan 13, 4: As well, I’d like to have the ability to record off of it to WAV or whatever. Bad name of the tv subdriver in Kconfig. I remember dlink had something. Convert framework to use a single tuner callback function. Remove the duplicated EOF ff d9 in t Cleanup code and small changes.

FM Stereo Decoder | Elektor Magazine

Mon Jan 13, 5: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. You want a radio, buy a radio. Moves some sensor initialization to each sensor in m Why would you want to put a radio into a PC? The drivers available for 2k and XP will cause your machine to blue screen if you change frequiences to many times