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Sorry for not telling you before but I was told that some recent versions have USB support incorporated well, probably not then , and I thought that for USB filtering you meant this operation. I downloaded VB 4. What is your wireless driver. This time I didn’t have to edit NetworkManager. To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find your device name and click the download button.

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Im connected to Ifupdown ethO. I honestly have no clue on what I may have done wrong.

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I have the same card I guess that O is a 0? Was as simple as using a current software build.

WebSite Hacking Series Part 1: I see that in the bottom right It’s connecting to the VM, but after about 5 seconds I get the error and VM shuts down. I also tried plugging in the usb before starting the VM but that made no difference. WiFi devices 2 network cards 3 all systems.

So, so, so sorry about that I was in a hurrybut you are on VM on a live installation, so you probably don’t care about retrying I hope Interesting part, adding USB support Oh, just found out, trying on my own, that filtering r3070 doesn’t really help!

So from the several tutorials that i read on installing the drivers, it would seem like I installed the drivers correctly and should be able to use my adapter on Kali.

As I said, if it doesn’t solve, the problem is somewhere else, probably in those two configurations you mentioned, I’ll be reading about them. Just to know, what kind of Virtual Box version do you gge

WiFi devices 1 network cards rt3007 video cards 1 controllers 1 all systems. And this works for me, and in most recent versions you probably won’t even need to edit NetworkManager. As you go on with you exploration of Kali Linux you’ll notice that a virtual machine is slow, buggy, not portable and practically useless. I honestly have no idea what’s going on, but I’ll tell you something: I checked my Device Manager and it says everything works fine and my drivers are up to date.

Sooooooi downloaded version 4. In that case edit with nano: I went to Toshiba website to download the driver, but they don’t even seem to have the laptop listed there. Sounds like you deleted you wirless drivers somehow during installation. But just in case, does this mean all the other settings which I told you about in my previous posts in both VM manager and Linux are done correctly? I don’t think that will be helpful, but if it matches your situation, try that.

I set my network to ‘network bridge adapter’ and there listed my USB adapter as name. Yes, I had luck reproducing this, this was my setup: The Hacks Behind Be, Part 1: But when I start up Kali from my VM, connect my usb adapter and disconnect it from my host OS, it doesn’t seem to work. This will make it a lot more stable and a lot more easy to use with the wireless adapter, as it would easily work without any problem if you get errors, that’s because of the computer itself, kill it.

Read my post here to see if you are familiar with what I’m gs about. In that case edit with nano:.

Ralink_RTDriver – ARGtek Communication Inc. Limited

Happy I can finally continue and end this thread. At the end of that tutorial when he did iwconfig the wlan0 still didn’t show up. Then I changed the NetworkManager.

G not a matter of Kali version nor VB, just try with the Usb support and the extension pack and report the results. Try to network-manager restart after plugging in the wireless adapter, I’ll try to reproduce the process too, so I’ll be ye to tell you what the problem is.

I’m a little moody.

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