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Output Format Booklet Creation Creating a Booklet This feature lays out pages so that booklets are formed when the output sheets are folded in half. Transmission Interval System Settings Page 5 Scan Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass. It can cause injury or burn. Displays the [Page Number-Print On] screen. The sensors recognize the address numbers from to , to , and to The maximum number of scannable pages is per job.

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Environment Environment Emissions of dust, ozone and styrene conform to Eco Mark certification criteria on chemical emission for copiers. Docucenrre-ii the Finisher, or change the print option setting to cancel stapling. For information on how to enter characters, refer to “Entering Text” On the [Document List] screen, select documents.

Place the document the front side of 2-sided document face up in the center of the document feeder.

Print Driver In order to print from your computer, a print driver must be installed on the computer. To purchase these options, contact our Customer Support Center. These include safety agency approval, and compliance to established environmental standards.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C4350 PostScript Drivers for Windows 7

Enter the value for Y2 in [Y2] using the numeric keypad, and select [Next]. Should toner be swallowed, spit it out, rinse mouth with water and drink plenty of water.

Fax Procedure Load the next document. MH Stored Document Size: Enter the number of copies using the numeric keypad.

DocuCentre-II 2055 Drivers & Downloads

Action When image data, such as a photo, is printed with the high image quality, the print speed becomes slow. Setup Menu Port Number Set the forwarding destination port number. Print Area Set whether to expand the print area. Set the optimum contrast for hidden text and background referring to the print samples. Lift up the lever on the upper right side of the cover D to unlock it. Enter [Hours] and [Minutes].

FX DocuCentre-II PCL 6 Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

Uncollated with Separators The machine outputs copies with inserting blank sheets as a separator and sorts sheets by page. Operations During Scanning 5 Scan Operations during Scanning The following describes the operations available during scanning. For information, contact our Customer Support Center.

Page Operations during Scanning Select the job to cancel, and then select [Stop]. The numbers of characters you can input are as follows.

Allow dovucentre-ii edit From if Search found Set whether to protect e-mail addresses from being changed under [From] on the [E-mail] tab when an authenticated user retrieves an e-mail address from the LDAP server. It displays messages and feature buttons. Set the number of copies with the numeric keypad.

Specify a number in the range pco 1 to You can select from 8 shift directions. To learn about print features, click [Help] on the print driver screen to see the print driver’s online help.

Up to 31 characters are allowed. There are two ways of selecting the language: Print Mode Settings Other Settings You can make other settings relating to the paper used in the printer. Page 4 Fax Register the following information in the address numbers of the primary relay station and the dovucentre-ii relay station in advance. CG Times Bold

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