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A runaway bull stops driver Ashley in his tracks. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tim takes a trip across Scotland, and the firm relocates. Matt swaps the classroom for the cab. Although Tim manages to watch his mouth most of the time, according to the driver his wife did have something to say when Channel 5 recorded him using one particular four-letter word to describe his load of chicken manure. This series is also known as Stobart:

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Getting into the cab was the first challenge as I surrendered my notepad to free both hands so I could haul myself up the ladder-like steps into the lorry. Tim has his biomass credentials put to the test.

fiona soltysiak at stobartfest

Maybe I will never make a trucker, but I will certainly spare a thought for the men and women who have taken this on as a profession and who survive some pretty challenging situations on a day to day basis. Retrieved from ” https: Adam, the solgysiak son, gets to grips with the timber trail. Views Read Edit View history.

When something goes right, that is when it will get edited out. This series is also known as Stobart: That has only happened once.

Eddie Stobart ‘Ally’ – T1NKM | with driver Fiona Soltysiak. … | Flickr

Trucker Kevin dashes to aid a member of the public. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s panic stations when the haulage firm’s trucking festival needs a last-minute change of venue. The company announce the name of its newest truck, while a drop in Birmingham causes big problems. Retrieved 28 July The truckers demonstrate the precautions they must take to discourage stowaways.

Off-duty police officer, aged 24, dies in car crash in Northamptonshire on Boxing Day. Jimmy Callaghan does battle with some troublesome bollards.

The Chron heads down to the Crick depot of the country’s most famous haulage company Eddie Stobart

A runaway bull stops driver Ashley in his tracks. A lorry driver takes on the company train in a race. Tim also stays away from home five days a week, but has a very cosy home from home in his lorry cab; which comes complete with a bed, TV, fridge and Foreman grill, to xoltysiak but a few everyday comforts. The red-and-green army faces atrocious winter weather. Preparations are afoot for the annual Stobart Fest. The bosses’ thoroughbred horses are despatched eddie Newmarket.

When I got to the first cone, I tried to bypass it with a swift turn like I would have been able to tackle in a car, but Chris stopped me, insisting I take the lorry soptysiak to a much wider angle before making the turn.

THERE are not many lorry drivers who can boast they have 8, followers on the social media site Twitter.

| fiona soltysiak at stobartfest | scott petch | Flickr

The company unveils its new fleet of modern trucks. It’s all a bit sensationalist though, with perfectly normal traffic congestion being described as the drivers’ “worst nightmare” and standard delivery deadlines made out to be life-or-death cut offs.

Matt becomes the centre of attention in London.

Mark transports 25 tonnes of logs from Scotland to Kent. Since the launch of the first series, interest in the company has swelled to such an extent that there is now a two-year waiting list to name a truck. When we first did the programme we thought it would be a laugh for stobagt couple of months but it is still going now.

A seasonal edde reliving the 12 best Christmas moments from the trucking calendar.

An overnight job for the Stobart rail crew faces derailment. Trucks, Trains and Planes.

The truckers deliver Christmas goods to the people of Britain and also release their very own Christmas single. Gareth is hit by delays on the notorious A9. Tim, who lives in Bury, and who transports biomass — such as wood chippings — to locations throughout the country, said there are sometimes days when he wishes the cameras were not rolling to capture certain incidents.