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Sharp Electronics Corporation and its suppliers. We recommend that you remove any other versions of Acrobat installed on your computer. This document describes how More information. When printing does not require an operator, network jobs sent to the Print queue appear in the Spool area, where they are displayed with a white printer icon Icon 2. Use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll to additional frame types. For more information, see To define media for specific pages on page To insert blank pages, click Insert Blank. Send the following types of files directly to the Fiery X3eTY for printing, without opening the application in which they were created:

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Fiery E Color Server. With the Scan plug-in module, you can scan an image from the copier glass directly into TWAIN z3ety application software on your computer. Print Server User s Manual 1 Contents 1.

Fiery X3eTY 35C-KM SERVER & CONTROLLER SOLUTIONS. Configuration and Setup – PDF

Only information specific to the Fiery X3eTY is presented. Enter your print server password.

Note that you cannot check the job properties or hold a job with an error. IPP printing is not supported In order for wireless and dorm users to successfully print to print queues installed on a GoPrint system.

Drivers For Free – Printer Plotter Multifunction Efi Devices

The new password takes effect after you save changes and restart the Fiery X3eTY. Override current job option settings. Enable Windows Printing Service: If you select this option unnecessarily, extra blank pages might print. Before editing or merging raster files with the thumbnail windows, make sure that the source files were RIPped using the print option settings that you want for the final output.

You must enable Web Services. If you answer No to this option, you can select frame types manually. You might find halo effects which are caused by the interference of dots when you print some kinds of images.

Set a gateway address, if required. The option also minimizes toner use for documents consisting of both color and black-only pages. Fold the page exactly in half horizontally, unfold it, and then fold it in half vertically.

Before installing the utility, make sure you have completed the preliminary procedures described in Preparing for installation on Windows computers on page 9 and Preparing for installation on Mac OS 9 computers on page Click Add to add the server to the Available Servers list. You can merge color pages from graphics programs with text pages from a word processor. After the initial Setup, you can change Setup options from the Control Panel page 25 or a Windows computer page The administrator can authorize additional administrator addresses from this address.

For details, consult your network administrator. For complete instructions on initiating, sending and retrieving scans, see Fiery Remote Scan Help. You can also edit the configuration whenever there is any change to your Fiery X3eTY server or network, such as a changed server name or IP address.

Reorder pages in a job and combine pages from different jobs.


For instructions on printing the Configuration page, see Configuration and Setup. There is no Redo function.

When the container that contains print queues is displayed on the second line, choose OK. If you can print a Test Page but still cannot print a document from a remote computer, contact the network administrator to troubleshoot your network connection.

Drivers >>> Fiery X3ety 50c-km Ps V2.01 driver

The information in this guide is subject to change 50c-k improvement without notice. However, even without a password, you can log in to Fiery Spooler as Guest with view-only privileges.

When two or more Mixed Media fieey are in conflict with each other, the Mixed Media dialog box highlights the setting names in red, signaling you to resolve the conflict. Choose this option to change the print server assigned to the Fiery X3eTY.

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