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This allows for field reprogramming ofthe Printer commands, such as Printer firmware upgrades, withoutthe necessity of changing chips. Manually rotate the Flipper Table a full degrees. Selecting the Default Graphic ResolutionThis is a default selection. Run the self-test procedure. System Requirements OS Required. Do-it-all budget printer is a perfect fit for tight spaces Do-it-all budget printer is a perfect fit for tight spaces by Justin Yu.

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In order for the Printer Driver to differentiate betweenmagnetic Track data and the rest of the printable objects, the magnetic Track data stringsmust be uniquely tagged or added. Brilliant color through thick and thin The Fargo Persona C25 utilizes an advanced dye-sublimation resin thermal transfer technology to create brilliant, full-color or single-color cards. Resin-Only Print RibbonsResin-only print ribbons consist of a continuous roll of a single resin color.

Step1ProcedureSelect this option to use the most economical means of printing a dual-sidedcard since a single set of ribbon panels is essentially split to print both the frontand back lersona of a card. Once found, clear out the contents ofthe folders.

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See the Performing theStandard Self Test procedure on page The RP1 potentiometer should be turned Cwrd to reduceintensity. Always store the card stock in its original packaging or in aclean, dust-free container. Selecting the Track Character Parity optionUse this option to customize the Character Data Parity used to encode the magnetic data onthe currently selected Track.

A thin line or scratch travels the entire length of the card. SpoolerA computer application that allows the spooling of print jobs.

The trailing edge of the card is read by a Sensor and continues to feed for a given lengthof a standard CR sized card,b. SpoolingRather than moving a print job directly to the Printer, the job peinter to the disk so that the user can access the applicationfaster while Windows takes care of printing in the background.

– Fargo Persona C25 Plastic ID Card Printer

Selecting from the Color Matching optionsUse this option to control where the resin black K panel of a full-color ribbon is printed. Resolving the Communication Errors continued Step4ProcedureDetermine if there is interference from an external device. Refer to the cause and solutionTables in this section for all possible LCD messages.

This character printerr includes theparity bit, if enabled.

Carrd on the Send button. Although each of the included printer drivers displays the printoptions in a slightly different format, the basic options are the same.

Mag encodingIndicates the Mag Stripe is beingencoded. Call Selecting the Rotate Degrees optionUse this option to rotate the image on the front of the card degrees when printed. The number of elements in the printhead determinesFargo Printer resolution.

FARGO Persona C25 Overview – CNET

Plus, an input capacity of up to cards means youll have longer, uninterrupted batch printing. Reset the Printer to clear any Error message by removing Power andreapplying.

See the Resolving the RibbonLow error message procedureon page Unplug the power from the Printer. Open the Top Print Coverc.

Fargo Persona C25 Color ID Card Printer Thermal Transfer 81840 Power Tested

Do not print onto personw that have been dropped or soiled. Reviewing the Glossary of Terms continued TermDefinitionLandscapeA document layout that is viewed with the document’s long axis ina horizontal orientation.

Resolving the Card Jam: Appears when a validaccess card containing a SmartShieldimage is first inserted into the Printer. A high-performance, economical card printer for your growing needs Let the dual-sided Fargo Persona C25 handle your next demanding print run. Printer Media X25 Load Type. Add to cart Add to list Max Printing Speed Color ppm. EVEN, and Track 3:

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