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Zebra Eltron Pi printers can be equipped for magnetic stripe and smart card encoding technologies, plus Ethernet connectivity. Also canned air requires a very careful usage. Never intermix cards with different thickness in the Card Feed Hopper. Other than the recommended cleaning procedures described in this manual, only allow Eltron factory authorized technicians to service these printers. A Getting Started When unpacking the Privilege card printer and card media , be aware that a clean and nearly dust free environment is required for proper operation and storage. Zebra Eltron Pi Description The Pi Zebra is a choice card printer for heavy duty duplex printing with magnetic or contact smart card encoding capabilities. Users can select preestablished varnish mapping for smart cards and magnetic stripe cards by clicking on the radio buttons below the black area.

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Plastic Card Printing Software. P Dual-sided color plastic card printer with lamination.

A method of applying the magnetic stripe to a card; adhesive is applied to the magnetic material on a tape, and the magnetic material transferred form the tape to the card with a heated roller. Adjustments Privilege card printers with Magnetic Card Stripe Encoders have no related user adjustments.

Cleaning the Turn OFF printer power. Module 1 information appears on one side, and Module 2 information appears wltron the other. These settings can serve to make card images match corresponding monitor images.

Zebra Eltron Pi ID Printer w/ Lam PiU | ID Wholesaler

W Command – Change Encoding Direction p050 D Lowers Print Head! Indicates that fiber deposits from fibrous cleaning materials e. Command – Check Command Initiator First slide Cleaning Rollers the shaft pin into the hole in the chassis oppoStep 4 site the Spring Tab.

Note that these appear under both Shrouds in Ps.

Pull-down menus allow users to specify overlay varnish use, installed ribbon type, and how a black panel participates in the printing. There, either a die cut patch or a lamination material is applied to the up-facing side. Then, remove the Upper Cleaning Roller. A 4 Smart Card Contact Etron This section contains information on the additional operations of card printers with Smart Card contact stations.

Users can access many of these settings by clicking on the Properties button. Ship the equipment, sp prepaid, to the address listed below: Using an algorithm with one or more data sets to compute a digit, which is used to verify validity of the data set. Magnetic Stripe Write Error: Eltron P Drivers Download.

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Verify command syntax 2. A Operation rial also deposit a card coating that adds ultraviolet protection elfron an even longer card life than overlay varnish.

Removal of the Rear Case of the printer exposes Circuit Boards that contain a lithium batteries. This produces the Install From Disk dialog. Note that the initially all-black area changes to reflect other selected mappings. Then, decide where the ribbons should be installed for best performance.

Zebra Eltron P500 Manuals

Next click on the Cdman folder. The white area represents area without overlay material. Also click on OK in the dialog that requests installation of an associated disk.

A Wiegand card utilizes embedded magnetically unstable ferromagnetic wires formed in a eltrin tensioned helical twist. Card memory can store fingerprints, voice recognition patterns, medical records and other such data.

Therefore, the ribbon has the greatest influence on Print Head contamination. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: Cyan, Magenta, p50 Yellow are the primary print colors.

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