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The scheme has undergone revision over the years. How does MHA assist the police forces? The last dividend amount paid was Rs 8, crore in India has a land border of over 15, kms, which it shares with seven countries Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. Provisioning Rs crore towards depreciation might be an extremely small amount considering the scale of infrastructure managed by the Indian Railways, and the requirement to replace old assets to ensure safety. Figure 2 shows the trends in capital outlay over the last decade. What happened to the dividend that was waived off last year?

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Consequently, the period of audit for different states may vary. The regulator will monitor whether tariffs are market determined and competitive. What are the key functions of Ministry of Home Affairs?

Maintaining internal security of the country is one of the key functions of the MHA. Figure 1 shows the level of utilisation of modernisation funds by states between and Under-provisioning for the DRF has also been observed as one of the reasons behind the decline in track renewals, and procurement of wagons and coaches.

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The graph below shows the actual releases by the Centre and the States as percentages of their share in the proposed outlays: Forthe expenditure on staff is estimated at Rs 76, crore.

Following are some of the other main findings from the CAG report:. As per the revised estimates ofno money was allocated towards this fund. Railways used to pay a return on the budgetary support it received from the government every year, known as dividend. Some other important objectives under the scheme include upgradation of training infrastructure, police housing, and computerisation.

The Committee on Restructuring Railways had suggested that Railways can raise more revenue through private participation in the following ways: In the last few years, appropriation to the DRF has decreased significantly from Rs 7, crore in to Rs 5, crore last year. Related Post Indian Railways rationalises freight fares Explained: Recent changes in MSPs.

Bail-In provisions explained Decoding the Code on Wages. The MHA manages seven central police forces: In this context, the Committee recommended that the Director General, Indian Coast Guard, should be the nodal authority for coordinating operations related to coastal security.

The graph below shows the actual expenditure by State: In others, network was functional only up to the district level. Vinayak Krishnan – March 20, Comments.

The Committee recommended that the MHA ;rinter adopt a multi-pronged strategy that prevents youth from joining militancy, curbs their financing, and simultaneously launch counter-insurgency operations. The Committee on Restructuring Railways had recommended that the three roles must be separated from e other.

Thus, the amount finally spent fell significantly short of the initial proposal. This defeats the purpose of removing the dividend liabilities since they are not being utilised in creating assets or increasing the net revenue of Railways.

It had also recommended setting up an independent regulator for the sector.

Modernization of Police Forces in Indian states

How is coastal security carried out? Modernization of Police Forces in Indian states.

It also noted that there was lack of coordination between the Indian Navy, the Indian Coast Guard, and the coastal police. Every state has to propose an Annual Action Plan 7645ji year.

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The scheme has undergone 764ii over the years. What are the major internal security challenges in India? Each review covers a contiguous five year period between andbut varies across selected states. The audit has been done broadly from to Between andthe number of cross-border infiltrations in Jammu and Kashmir increased by almost three timesfrom to Summary of CAG Findings.

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