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We know the real story. In , he portrayed Capt. You should do your thing. His father, Michael J. Logue starred as the main character in Theory of a Deadman ‘s music video for the song “Lowlife,” off their release, The Truth Is

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Actor Donal Logue on ‘CBGB,’ ‘Copper,’ and Jimmy the Cab Driver

cag While there, he was donaal member of the Signet Society. I sat there and I had this weird moment like, Why not me? I didn t realize until now that Donal Logue was in these bumpers. There will be a lot of people who are very proprietary about the world, which they should be, and so you have that at the back of your mind going, God, I hope these people think this is alright. InLogue appeared on House, M.

He appeared in two of Edward Lohue films: After a few TV movies, Logue first appeared in film playing Dr. Logue’s career advanced to the next level when he was cast as the central character in The Tao of Steve.

Remember When Donal Logue was Jimmy the Cab Driver on MTV?

It was always a big deal. You should do your thing. See the trailer for its second season here.

Retrieved July 11, — via Twitter. National Donla for Missing and Exploited Children. They had four children. Sometimes people are like, Why did you do that?

I was just a guy. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat One is writing it at the same time as opposed to just standard acting memorization. Logue has three sisters: Logue travels back and forth to KillarneyCounty KerryIrelandwhere his mother lives, dnoal holds both Irish and Canadian citizenship.

Special Victims Unit as Lt. Ellis Spear in Gettysburg.

I watched your Jimmy The Cab Driver videos the other day. Of course he still acts like a goof every now and then as though he has a desire to keep to his roots. The Thin Red Line. Logue has a Class-A Commercial Drivers License and is licensed to drive mtc with double or triple trailers, tankers and hazardous materials.

Donal Logue – Wikipedia

Logue was formerly married [1] or in a long-term committed relationship with Kasey Walker, [5] also known as Kasey Smith. Not sure if you have ever actually fought with a replica sword and shield?

It was not picked up, however. The Knights of Prosperity. Retrieved July 3, Pre-YouTube, that was the only place you could do kind of weird sketches, performance bits.

Remember When Donal Logue was Jimmy the Cab Driver on MTV?

When not acting, Logue is heavily involved in soccer, and regularly plays for the Los Angeles-based amateur team Hollywood United. He has a hardwood company with one partner called Frison-Logue Hardwood, and a trucking company called Aisling Trucking with two partners based out of Central Point, Oregonwhich the three founded in Vikings was a little bit like that too with Michael Hirst.

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