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I have inserted the SD card which I used at the old Docomo phone on this new phone. Below you will find sample screenshots comparing the Galaxy S II and the Aquos screens and I think that the Sharp screens looks more natural this is just my personal opinion. Users are advised that the Download Service is not intended to provide User’s Manuals for all products sold by the Company and, therefore, User’s Manuals for certain products may not be available. As far as eye fatigue and nausea the Japanese complain a lot — I did not feel any discomfort at all. In every case you will see a beautiful and clear picture. If the light sensor is on the screen remains legible under sunlight but I’d recommend adjusting the brightness manually for best results. I was surprised by lagging in the Gallery.

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For example, a shot with a glass of water and the straw inside looks especially impressive. The call loudspeaker is loud, too loud as if set to socomo maximum — the volume rocker at the side helps you adjust the volume.

Review of Sharp Docomo SHC Aquos Phone

Docomo SHC as any phone of the type can operate with a Cyrillic keypad. In real life these parameters are less distinguished: The Japanese manufacturers eocomo adopt this technology.

Android market comes preinstalled and all apps work well. Reproduction, alteration or transmission including actions that prepare material for transmission of all or any part of the User’s Manuals without permission from the Copyright Owners will constitute an infringement of their copyrights, PROVIDED THAT Users are permitted to reproduce or print User’s Manuals for their personal, non-commercial, and informational use only.

The World Health Organization has stated that present scientific information does not indicate the need for any special precautions for dpcomo use of mobile devices.

I would like to add some criticism. Have something to add?! Video review will be later.

Enable JavaScript if it is disabled. Use both eyes and you will see the two images combined due to different angles of both eyes and the complicated mechanics of the 3D image formation.

New technologies always attract attention of the interested audiences. The objects on the bottom together with fish passing by create a very realistic stereo world.

Is there anyway which i can change it? Switching to 3D shooting requires pressing a dedicated button on the screen, which activates the second lens. After that select the Clock Style.

Sharp DoCoMo SH-10C – White (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

There is an issue when it comes to removing the back panel — there are absolutely no slots or bumpers you could use to open it so you will have to open the USB slot to be able to remove the back panel. This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react vocomo to members’ feedback on posts. The back panel reveals the battery, the SIM and the SD card slots when removed as well as the relatively loud mono speaker.

The buttons work fine, however, I think the white backlight is rather dim and some people won’t find it sufficiently bright.

User’s Manual for SHC | Support | NTT DOCOMO

The Black set for SHC surprisingly looks much hs-10c to me in rocomo life, compared to the other 2 avail colors. On the other hand, it does not distract you from the screen. The bottom line is that all these disadvantages are easily outweighed by a sensation you get from the 3D image on Docomo SHC. In fact the phone can convert 2D images into 3D. Working on it now The screen is capacitive and it supports multitouch. The Company may, at any time at its sole discretion, discontinue the Download Service, or may change any of the contents or terms of the Download Service, without any notice to Users.

Take shots and make video just dovomo pressing appropriate buttons. Check your charges and data communications volume or apply for various procedures by My docomo.

It is still an uncharted territory. I hurried to get content to check it out — dkcomo phone has a regular photo and video gallery and another one for 3D content that has a few samples out of box.

The 3D effect is immaculate.

Then I tried the interactive fish tank.

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