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And if so how would I have to modify the standard setup… what kind of driver do you think I should use? Newsletter Stay inspired, keep making. April 2, at 3: These places are called “nodes”. September 7, at 9: Increasing the driving frequency causes the salt to move into the next higher resonance patterns At Hz At Hz At Hz All plate shapes will exhibit multiple resonance conditions Some salt will vibrate off the plate. Please check your email.

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You can use either a mobile or desktop application to generate certain frequencies.

Chladni Plate

This amazing book is available through Educational Innovations and includes ideas and construction details, including all equipment necessary, for the creation and use of a wide spectrum of awe inspiring physics demonstrations and laboratory equipment. To reduce friction, I periodically rub graphite powder over the plate and brush off any excess.

Then my other powder slides around on this slick surface like a cat in roller skates. Conclusion Operating Instructions 1. My sources are the discarded side panels of tower computers and the covers of discarded microwave ovens. Adjust the frequency and volume until patterns appear!

Some powders, such as salt or sugar, will absorb moisture from the air and melt especially here in Texasmaking a terrible mess. Edwin Wise Edwin Wise is a software engineer with more than 25 years of professional experience dij software by day and exploring the edges of mad science by night. Any commercially available electro-mechanical unit will work well for this demonstration.

Although wood and cardboard will work, both are susceptible to warping. Social Media Share with Friends.

Chladni Plates Kit

In the meantime, keep making stuff! Thin plates sprinkled with fine particles vibrated perpendicular to their plane. On smaller plates only very high frequencies will show a stable pattern of nodes and antinodes; on larger plates, lower frequencies will resonate as well.

He can be found at simreal.

If you want a permanent display of your vibrational patterns, photography is the way to go. The traditional superfine substance of choice is Lycopodium powder, which is the spore of a particular fern.

If the powder is sticky or overly chlladni, it may not want to bounce at all, but instead may stick to the plate and ignore even the most abusive volume levels.

Understanding plte they work is much easier than understanding the theory and mathematics behind the patterns themselves, so that is what we will concentrate on here. We have a great advantage, we can easily vary the frequency of excitation thereby providing a whole vista of experimentation. Note that I used steel only because it was free at our plage dump. Use a broken speaker, bits of wire, and tape to prepare a coneless voice coil driver, djy use it to generate standing waves on a sheet of metal, making sound visible.

Thanks for any insight you might have! September 7, at 3: Do you think I might benefit from pre rolling the sheets …. How to Make a Chladni Plate. Prepare the base Stick the screws into the piece of wood to support the speaker.

Sprinkle some fine sand or sugar onto the aluminum plate. Sound is an plafe, as its very definition attests: Although if you have an extremely effective chlxdni mask and a high tolerance for a horrible mess, I would think that laser printer toner would make a nice pattern, and then, using a heat gun from below, you could fuse it to the metal for a permanent display.

On a square plate, or a plate in the shape of a violin or other complex shape, the resonances are more complex and interesting.

Welcome to plae Make: Yes, if you have a camera that shoots 1, frames per second! Prepare the metal sheet s. The plate is attached to a source of vibration. Prepare the plate Attach the Plexiglas plate to the bolts above the speaker, then attach the aluminum plate to the stem above it.

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