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It’s the first inch LCD we’ve seen, however, that includes display options beyond just brightness control. This allows you to easily and simply adjust the height and tilt of the screen. Dell have obviously invested more time and money in correcting the gamma and colours on the new U than they had with the previous model. The back of the screen is darker silver metal on the most part, with black mesh grills to allow heat disipation from the screen. See all 2 pre-owned listings.

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It’s a little old now, fell with the release of a new 30″ model from Dell we also wanted to take a look at the previous model. Damn good, really professional!

Dell 3008WFP LCD Monitor

The base is different to that used on the newer screens, and different to the older WFP model as well which was released at a similar time to dislpay screen.

This is a shame, as anyone wanting to work with a standard gamut colour space cannot really do so properly using the WFP. Once calibrated the screens were all quite similar, although the TN Film based 27″ VXwm was a little behind 0.

Continue to next page 01 There are actual buttons to press here unlike the touch sensitive “buttons” on the modern U, U and U screens. The inch Samsung CF is a great size for gaming, pairs well with midrange Radeon We had seen a similar story from the U which uses a very similar Displzy.

Dell WFP Review – TFT Central

The newer U model holds some obvious advantages over the WFP I think, but this could still be a decent option if the price is right. A second HDMI might have been useful as well.

The quality of the display was good as my original.

No complaints here in relation to viewing angles. Up until recently the inch computer monitor 3008wrp in its infancy. Contrast ratio remained pretty stable across the brightness adjustment range, with an average of The power LED glows green during normal operation and orange in standby and is unobtrusive.

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Yes Included video cables? Visplay also have the Dell 27″ WFP and after having had the chance to compare the 2 side by side, I much prefer the 27″. The front 1-inch long brushed aluminum bezel contrasts beautifully with the glossy black finish of the sides and top of the screen and the inch wide by 8.

The nature of these monitors is such that the packaging and shipping is extremely important. Fairly good black depth and contrast ratio helping to ensure detail in darker scenes is displya lost. It was free from the off-centre contrast shift which you see from VA matrices. LaCie would consider colour fidelity to be excellent now across the range.

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Non-video connection options include four USB upstream ports–two on the side and two on the back–and one downstream port on the back.

The uniformity of the panel was not that great sadly. There was some slight leakage from the corners however which was a shame.

This is designed to reduce input lag specifically, but is not present on the WFP I did test to see if any difference in the game preset, but there wasn’t. I got burned that way. The screen rotates left and right about 25 degrees via a swiveling mechanism, and also tilts back about 25 degrees as well. Even with a 35ms delay, this is unlikely to cause a massive problem to casual gamers, but those playing FPS games might want to consider alternatives. In comparison, the new U had only There was some very slight leakage in the corners as you can pick out in the image, but it was not too severe.

As expected, a display this large and bright requires a lot of juice to keep it running. The responsiveness of the WFP in these tests was quite good really. There is too much real estate with the 30″ monitor, the color imaging is not quite as good as the 27″, and I prefer the slightly higher resolution of the 27″ monitor.

The changes are smooth and sublte so are not going to be too obvious to the naked eye as content on the screen changes.

Calibrated Settings, Desktop Mode.

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