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However, I did not find a driver yet. Make sure ‘universe’ is checked as well – I will be stunned to hear if ‘main’ isn’t checked: Anyways, its for the OP to decide if he wants to pursue it further. Well thanks for all your work and help. You’re right on target with your suggestions! Anyways, he should file a bug and also try the new plain vanilla kernels.

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Anyways, he should file a bug and also try the new plain vanilla kernels. Driver ambient creatix v 90 ham data fax voice modem – Download games magic card yugioh. In kev’s case filing a bug will greatly enhance his chances of getting it supported in the next kernels. A wishlist is like an enhancement or feature requestfor example lets say the tuner works, but there is no tvout feature workingthat is a wishlist.

J’ai le meme pb que toi, si tu trouve le driver peut tu m’indiquer. Neceisto driver ambient creatix v.

Creatix Creatix Polymedia GmbH driver Modems software versions

I see how “Your enthusiasm is super” could seem like it’s in a mean spirit but I genuinly hope kevsimo installs the app you’ve suggested and confirms that it doesn’t happen to make the tuner work. I also have an Ambient Creatix V.

Thanks Richie, I hope I’m not being too informal ; I took a look at linuxtv. I have an saa card so thought i could pitch in. I have managed most things, but getting tv set up has completely defeated me. Does it get the card ‘up’?

The PCI ID Repository

Some one from the ubuntu kernel team asks him to test with the newer kernels to see if its been fixed. I did get this info from a pdf on the creatix site. If you need help. This is for a modem with the ambient chip MDtvc-b. Select “Install from a list or specific location” and click Next. And also depending craetix hardware available for testing. So, as I said, I couldn’t agree with you more!

Philips Semiconductors Device [ Cards which work are ‘known’ or confirmed by users to work on ubuntu or linux. VGA driver generic ” “Cirrus However, I did not find a driver yet. There is no tv tuner card which comes with official support under linux. I had this issue with an unbranded card so i replaced it with a pinnacle one.

A piece of hardware not working on linux is a bug and a report can be filed. Vendeur Award Software International, Inc. Put in the CD with the driver when Windows 9x asks for it and follow the instructions on the screen Its a painstaking process though and you will spend nights trying to hit gold.

Be sure you are looking at the correct card. The setup program will also automatically begin running after extraction. On your desktop, polymeda on My Computer and click Properties.

So all the work was done to support them as best as possible because of the large installed base and requests for help on the forum. Install that and give it another whirl please. I’ll do some more net searching using CTX linux in the string and see what turns up.

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