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The most bang for the bucks I spent. Did you miss your activation email? I left my Filco at work and use the Compaq exclusively at home. Ah Ha now I understand why that space bar has not been working they way it should looks like the stabiliser has come out. The time now is It’s so tempting LOL.

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Privacy policy About Deskthority wiki Disclaimers. Frenir on Mon, 23 Marchkdyboard The time now is There were variants with and without Windows keys. I had a Compaq keyboard for my first mech keyboard and it’s a great keyboard. Sounds like a good Christmas present to me. After taking this apart I’m starting to wonder if you could hack the numpad off the board because this looks like a simple two layer board.

The main point of contention was how the switches are mounted so cimpaq is really all I’m going to show here.

Compaq MX 11800 Ps2 US Clicky Keyboard With Trackball

I am going to be getting one of these keyboards for christmas, they seem like my kind of keyboard. If anything, you can use it for leyboard switch swap like trading the blues in one of your G80s for the browns in the On the newer variants with Windows keys, all keys on the bottom row except the space bar are only one unit wide.

It’s nothing spectacular, and there are several annoying things about it layout gaffes, gray switch mx118000 space, the feet. The arrow keys are pushed down just below the alphanum section, which is mostly kosher. These are designed to be used alongside browns as a spacebar switch, and are basically the same thing only with a 60g spring instead of 35g.

Slightly different format this time. All of the row 1 keys, including the ESC key and all function keys have a lower profile than usual. Older models did not have Windows keys. This is the trackball assembly.

Compaq MX dissection – Tech Support Forum

I don’t actually see any screws. It’s delicate so I don’t want to mess with it.

Again, didn’t want to risk damage by messing with it. BB code is on. The numberpad is shifted up to the top right corner. Whats in that trackball? I did not take this keyboard all the way apart because I did not want to deal with this little problem: I don’t use them, so, woo. keyboarr

Compaq MX 11800 Keyboard With Trackball 185152-406 186591-406

You can get an oblique view of two keycaps in this pic. The keycaps on all models were lasered PBT. The space bar has a different switch, however, a Cherry MX gray switch. This layout is keyboarc, but wasn’t fully thought out. This page was last modified on 26 Juneat Oh well, maybe I can pull off that whole Edwards Scissors-hands schtick. Noppoo Choc Mini Currently own: Every one of those holes below except the little ones have a screw in it.

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