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But how can you identify the higher-voltage transformers? By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Dear sir, how can get an out put of 1. When a spark is struck and an arc forms, it depends on the power of your supply on how long you can stretch it. Thus, high voltage transformers from everyday electronic appliances, such as CRT TVs and computer monitors, microwaves, automobile ignition coils etc.

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Old AC flybacks are hard to find or not much reliable. Almost every Eastern Bloc color TV from the late 70s up to the mid 80s has a similar flyback transformer.

Hi Jozef, I have a cool update to show you and because of that you could add one more type of flyback transformer to the list…. After all those little driver circuits that blow up almost instantly I decided to go big and got myself a huge inductor or ballast for HPS lamps, I have a second flyback from my old tv, ripped apart some old computer power supplies for those HI-POT trafos inside and the inductors, transistors, optocouplers, rectifiers, voltage regulators and all that stuff so now I have a whole bunch of goodies to build myself something that makes monster archs.

Which is better, an ohm or an inductance meter to find the correct taps on a flyback transformer? Do you have any suggestiong to get me started?

Can you help me get it? Hello, I am just wondering has a powerful flyback driver been made from a Sony Trinitron PC monitor parts yet? External arc overs like to the core, or somewhere between contact points are easier to manage if the power is cut within a second or two, again depends on the power of your supply.

Used in my first quasi-resonant driver. The flyback high voltage coil I just wound by hand and I isolated each layer with just one layer of glossy paper, I used a temporary plastic core and a couple layers of glossy paper to match the same thickness of the ferrite core that I salvaged from an old broken flyback.

By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. Depending on age of the TV or monitor which you might have disassembled, you are going to meet with these types of flyback transformers: Basically, it is a ferrite transformer with an air gap and 2 or more coils, sealed in epoxy or interlaced in cvl insulation paper, whose outputs go to the television screen.

I did a course in basic electronics,which really intrigued me.

A Guide to Flyback Transformers – BOGIN, JR.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Back then about 6 years ago there were circuuit cleaning up their cellars, stumbling upon a black and white TV set once in a while.

I was using some older type CFL inverters and they were all constructed in such a different way that I can only tell that 3 or 4 of them did match up on the components flybcak used but the layout of the tracers were completely off…. Unless professionally required, a lot of high voltage enthusiasts do not wind their high voltage transformers at home.

Then again, you can wind your own high voltage secondary if God gave you a whole lot of assertivity and patience. Firstly, what is a flyback transformer? A CW multiplier usually needs an AC source. Again depends on the flyback, how thick is the ferrite core, secondary wire diameter, driver, etc. Try keeping an eye on potential transformers, or get at least microwave oven transformers for a big SGTC and forget about the flybacks.

A Guide to Flyback Transformers

When a spark is struck and an arc forms, it depends on the power of your supply on how long you can stretch it. These DC flybacks are found in every CRT computer circuiit and are called the DST flyback s diode-split transformers because of the several high voltage diodes and secondaries inside.

Primary windings are located below the secondary. The same as 2A, however with the high voltage rectifier cfo to the secondary, so it is a DC flyback. Winding your own transformer might be a better option. Used with an external rectifier block. Not suitable neither for higher voltages nor high output currents. The best I have met xfl high current halfbridge or ZVS driver was type 1.

How hard do you think it would be to use a high heat gun and take 4A or 4B apart? These have just two screen-tuning potentiometers and no internal capacitors whatsoever, so they can be safely overdriven to circa 50 kilovolts DC; albeit some beefy ones might give you even kV with ease.

Has many layers of insulation foil.

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