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How to install it? Module Installation Install the relevant linux-headers, ndiswrapper-utils I typed those commands exactly, but no changes in the network manager. Message 7 of 12 5, Views. Many laptops come equipped with wireless cards which may be unsupported by Linux. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. The card might come up as either wlan0 or eth1.

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Configure the wireless interface. If you need to reset your password, click here.

Message 10 of 12 5, Bcmal5. What the ndiswrapper package does is to allow usage of the Windows driver for the card. Have fun and success.

There was a great tutorial on this web site. A Windows driver is then linked to this implementation so that bcmw5 driver runs natively, as though it is in Windows, without binary emulation.

[ubuntu] First Time Using NDISWRAPPER for Broadcom [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I wish Linksys would provide Linux support or release a better driver for the RaLink RT61 chipset because ndiswrapper doesn’t seem to support it EXE Extract its contents: The drivers did not install.

Don’t have much luck downloading it from berlioz. The card might come up as either wlan0 or eth1. And have you tried ndiswrapper?

bcm43xx-fwcutter (1) – Linux Man Pages

However, I later found that the first file, the driver, didn’t seem to work. Message 8 of 12 5, Views. CardBus devices are supported. Join our community today! Hi dragonlor20 Bmwl5 your case I found an Ubuntu site that could help you. NdisWrapper last modified So, each time upon bootup I type.

I’ve never bothered with fwcutter since it seemed as involved as ndiswrapper, and now I am used to it.

Et Voila I hope I could help bvmwl5 with this. Consult the NDISwrapper wiki for information on your specific device. Maybe the earlier versions shipped with the Broadcom driver, but I know for sure that v4. Install the relevant NDIS driver for your device.

Don’t type the of course.


Installed bcm43x-fwcutter fine, copied bcmwl5. Here is the site anyway: Are you new to LinuxQuestions. This sets up my wireless device wlan0and the pilot light for the wireless card comes on, showing that it senses a wireless access point. Message 4 of 12 7, Views.

These often work, but sometimes they’re broken or don’t offer you full functionality. The card was activated on my side but I did’nt have a connection yet.

These require the use of utilities such as unshield or orange to extract bc,wl5 contents within. Console commands will begin with for clarity on commands and text. If you already have ndiswrapper installed, cd to the directory with your drivers and then run the ndiswrapper install:

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