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To set a user-defined subject Select [Subject]. In the Auto Receive mode, reception of a fax from a remote machine begins automatically. Page 5 Scan Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass. Scan Resolution Specifying a Scanning Resolution For information, contact our Customer Support Center.

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You can select the volume from [Soft], [Normal], and [Loud].

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

Tab Name Main Features Output Format No stamp is added. Address Book 5 Scan Address Book You can specify the server name, user name and other information from the address appeosport. You can register up to 50 domains as permitted or rejected domains.

The fax transmission costs can be reduced by locating the fax gateway and fax machines within an area where the same local rate aeosport. MH Stored Document Size: The Tray 5 Bypass cannot be selected. Transfer Protocol Set the forwarding destination protocol. Operations During Faxing 4 Fax Operations during Faxing The following describes the available operations during faxing.

Roman Sans serif User-defined Characters On this machine, you can use user-defined characters. Stored Programming 7 Stored Programming This chapter describes the Stored Programming feature that enables you to store customized job settings. Common Settings Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to re-enter the same encryption key.


This mode is convenient for confirming the sender or using an external telephone to confirm whether it is a fax before beginning reception. Furthermore, if any of the e-mail servers on the transmission route do not support DSN, you cannot confirm the delivery of the e-mail, even if the e-mail has been delivered successfully.

Center Output Tray – Lower optional [80]: Move up the staple cartridge to take it out of the machine. No Shift Does not shift the position of document images. When the relay station ID is “00” Page 4 Fax Remove Removes the recipient.

Page 28 1 Before Using the Machine If toner spills onto your skin or clothing, wash it off with soap and water. When using an address number in which the billing data is not registered.

For documents that are larger than A4, the size is reduced automatically to A4 for transmission. If the user is the owner of many items when a large quantity of documents is left remaining within a mailbox for examplethe deletion will take a considerable time. E-mail Address To change the e-mail address, select [Change Settings] to display the keyboard and enter a new address.

Compatible Toner Reset Chip – suits Xerox ApeosPort-II –

Return Lever 2b to its original position. Select the destination in which the data is stored. The phone number is incorrect or the destination machine does not have the feature you specified. Scan Service The items you can manage for scan jobs using the Auditron Administration feature are as follows. The next stack of documents is copied after the previous stack.

Is the document a Place the document on the document transparent type such as a Errors and omissions excepted. Page 92 3 Copy [Page Number] Screen This screen allows you to select a page-number style and a page-number position. This is the end of the check procedure. Page 5 Scan Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass.

Orange lever Close the front cover of the finisher. Audio Tones Common Settings Auto Print Set the time period to start the next print job after finishing a copy operation.

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