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The 12P has an Mms of 10g, down from 16g on the old driver, a radical reduction is mass of the Power-Train The New paper cone is emitting kHz 90dB before falling away, some 4-kHz greater range than the Gen. SPIDER The spider of the 12p is an improvement over the spider design in the original Alpair 12 which itself was a unique design for the driver. They match up well with practically any amp we’ve tried once power is about 5wpc. The Alpair 12P is the latest generation of the Alpair 12 series. But that’s what subwoofers are there for. My pair are undergoing the break in process driven by a 18watt Scott tube amp.

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Most of them get big, many outrageously expensive, a few bizarre looking. I think the work done by Mark and his team is to be applauded. Its cone is highly-resonance sensitive so clean low-distortion amplification and source components are advised.

I post the old freq chart from the Super12CF, which allow some comparison with Alpair Taking a first listen out in my garage with a taller chair yielded OK results but I added some height with some xlpair and they really improved. This peak is in the presence band.

Alpair 12P (Single Driver)

Categories Drivers Instructions News. However, there are limits as the stability of the power-train remains important. Thanks Logged chrisby Full Member Posts: A FR with a xover yet had all the limitations from a sole driver low power etc and no more had the benefits 122p integrity, fast transients etc. Azfar on Inside FiiO D3.

6moons audio reviews: Eist Audio Dubh

Doesn’t matter where is comes from. Everything is very lifelike, very organic, and yepp they keep on improving all the time! Notice the new coils are longer and have more holes for lower mass.

Can’t read vertical scales! We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It didn’t look like a Tangband or Dayton either.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. All the apair speakers will use the same drivers so they match, tone wise, and I was originally thinking of the 10P drivers.

The small mass of the alpari is in line with the goal of reducing the overall mass of the power-train. Recent Posts Firmware v 0.

You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. The first photo showing the tinsel is of the driver I have 12pthe others, just borrowed from the web. But that’s what subwoofers are there for. Second and more important is the design may offer little control towards the limit of excursion.

Its not designed to be a replacement for a woofer, but it is designed to more accurately emit non-linear LF loads that drivers with short coils cannot.

Often, the outcome will be variations in the flex-stiffness ratio in wlpair locations within the alpaiir wall of the suspension rounded section of the component. Here is a photo of the spider design in the 12 [taken from here ]. I like passive ways to adjust the sound as stuffing, round corners, paint black etc and I dont like active solutions as notch filters, eq etc to FR drivers. Let’s look at the purest mantra for a moment.

New connector system has been design for easy installation and optimized to provide the damping of the leads that run to the coil. These drivers will work well in the many speaker boxes that can be found at the frugal-phile site listed below.

This breakup will show as resonances which will result in peaks and troughs in the frequency response, as can be seen in any driver, not just wide range units. The 4th, 5th, and 6th design elements are sub factors specific to the design processes relating tooling and press production.

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