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For a list of supported data acquisition hardware, see Hardware Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox. Because the existing adapters for Advantech data acquisition hardware are bit only, this hardware is currently only supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox Rb and earlier. Shop Solid State Relays. Channels 8 12 Basic Snap Action Switches.

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This makes PCI very easy to program.

Each isolated input supports both dry contact and wet contact so that it can easily interface with other devices when no voltage is present in the external circuit.

Industrial PC Power Supplies. DC modules provide fast and bounce-free DC power switching. Industrial wireless AP – introducing the JetWave series. With isolation protection of advanteech, VDC, and dry contact support, PCI is ideal for industrial applications where high-voltage protection is required.

Data Acquisition Toolbox – Advantech – Supported Hardware – MATLAB

Shop Lamps Light Bulbs. An AC module always turns its output on at the zero cross voltage point, thus avoiding advanyech problems caused by heavy inductive loads. A wide variety of thermoncouples are supported with software compensation and linearization.

Shop Power Entry Module Accessories. By becoming an Advantech member, you can receive latest product news, webinar invitations and special eStore offers.

The card also works with 3. Industrial Displays and Monitors.

Advantech » PCI-1711

Input Channels 1 8 16 32 4 Shared 16 shared 24 shared 32 Shared 48 shared 96 shared Output Channels 2 8 16 32 4 Shared 16 shared 24 advabtech 32 Shared 48 shared 96 shared. Users can configure each port as input or output via software. Many thanks for your visit at the Embedded World !

Remaining Stock, Returns and Special Items. This screwterminal board also includes cold junction sensing circuitry that allows direct measurements from thermocouple transducers. Counter cards flexible interrupt sources are suitable for motor control and position monitoring. Product of the month February Driving voltages are jumper selectable for 5 V, 12 V or external DC power if overloading a PC power supply is a concern.

Design To Order Services.

Advantech PCI-1711

Request Lead Time Minimum Quantity: Success Stories Find the latest Advantech application stories here! It meets the Wdvantech standard Rev. Shop Hall Effect Sensors. IC Sockets, Plugs and Adapters.

With this set, field wiring becomes much easier. Shop Semiconductor Development Kits. Connector and Crimp Tooling. If you do not see your specific hardware device listed below, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

The set includes the following items: Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. The PCLD is designed to match multifunction cards with pin SCSI-II connectors, it not only has offers 8 slot to plug-in active filter PCLD includes cold junction sensing circuitry that allows direct measurements from thermocouple transducers.

So you can easily construct a low-pass filter, attenuator orcurrent shunt converter by adding resistors and capacitors onto the board circuit pads.

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