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And you can buy them for next to nothing. Something ancient and the program’s developer is no longer in business? I’m sure there’s lots of good options that are just as well supported, and if you use Win95, maybe something older would be needed. I also have a Zyxel GN gigabit adapter with windows 95 and 98 compatibility but never tried it yet. So maybe HellDiver’s site at the time paid more to buy models with that feature enabled. May 7, Posts: Jan 21, Posts:

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It turns out there was some known, subtle firmware glitch in the mini-PCI Intel network cards that caused them to continue doe, but lock up the host machine randomly.

We could make a “benchmark” list or something with transfer speed and memory requirements 3comm each card! I swapped out the card and the laptop has been stable ever since. Unfortunately, Win9x does not have built-in drivers for these.

This is for an old, but c3om expensive, CAD license that the software company simply has no reason to support because it is such an outdated version. For PCI desktops I like the Intel and based cards because, well, I bought a bunch of them on Ebay for cheap a few years ago.

Mon May 11, Mon May 11, 5: I’m sure any sort of virtual environment will not work for this, but thanks for the idea. I’ve purchased 4 from this seller so far and just about to buy another. It’s possible some cards, probably with a 3cA or 3cB, had the necessary connections to allow the program voltage to be connected 12V might have done it, and was available on ISA and to allow the program enable pin to be pulled – this’d be done by the EtherDisk utility and was so that Netware environments would not be disturbed by swapping out a NIC – you’d usually program in an NE’s old MAC.

Fairly fast and have drivers available for Windows 3. This has never been publically documented and your chances of having a compatible EEPROM burner are zero You bought the prepackaged chips directly from 3com even if you were a card maker, which you weren’t, because 3com made most of its own cards: Thu May 07, 9: I am personally not aware of any available card which EtherDisk’s MAC program command actually worked on.

3Com 3c905c Free Driver Download

It’s a major pain when you can’t get them off the network because you don’t have network drivers. I have to say that it let me down.

That laptop has both 3Com and Intel cards available, so from now on I prefer the 3Com. Mon May 11, 8: Funny you should mention the 3Com 3CTX. It has 39c05c pins which are the programming voltage and program enable and it repurposes other pins when program enable is asserted.

In the 3cC, the program enable pin was used for something else I forget what and to maintain MAC integrity, the program voltage was not connected in the package.

I actually swapped the whole motherboard and tested the hard ddos multiple times, ran memtest86, swapped power supplies, and couldn’t find any explanation for why it was acting up.

Users browsing this forum: Fri May 08, 6: Just a 3ocm that it won’t work on every model. Here is what I found so far about some 3COM network card models.

3CTX-M – 3COM 3CC-TXM WakeOnLan, 10/, PCI Fast Ethernet

My earlier curiosity found it using google. For ISA I always used an etherlink iii plus, but I got an older card, long one with a lot of discrete components, that sometimes works [bad contact or cracked solder I think] some etherlink ii version I think. May 7, Posts: I’ve always just stuck with them for my legacy builds because I was used to them.

But for a retro game machine, it doesn’t matter.

Be careful with these, because they aren’t actually Base cards. What the hell OS is this computer running. VM adapters can have the macs changed, does this have be in a physical machine? Paint Shop Pro 3. Jan 18, Posts:

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