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Laser Beam show and Animation Show. You must log in or register to reply here. Compact Blue laser pointer. You are solely responsible for it’s use. Standard size, ideal for hand-held laser pointer. Suitable for blue Laser diode.

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My circuit schematic is uploaded, except that the potential is from a power supply and not 9V, and R1 is 6 ohms. I refuse to burn matches as only the weak Joined Jan 29, Messages 10, Likes 1, Points Laser Beam show and Animation Show.

This is NOT the typical clumsy big laser pointer. Each diode is carefully extracted from a laser diode array. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

You are solely responsible for it’s use. It will still need a heatsinh above 1 Amp. CNC nm 2W laser cutter problems. Thank you 445n, everyone who helped me out.

CNC nm 2W laser cutter problems | Laser Pointers

Encap Well-known member Nov 11, This is not a toy! Compact Blue laser pointer.

This is the smallest 2W nm laser pointer in the world. The laser IS bright!

Standard size, ideal for hand-held laser pointer. Care Instruction Pin definition: The diode emits a nm wavelength with output power reaching 2 watts.

Just like the laser pointe Home Forums Lasers ,aser Lasers. The laser diode is placed inside a Aixiz housing with a G2 lens. You must know what you ILDA function, connect the computer with sofware, it can edit w2 animation program. If it is just wired to rely upon its default bulk current limit through the device, it would also protect a laser diode too, as long as the current fold-back point of the regulator isn’t higher than what the laser diode can withstand.

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I would be grateful is someone can spot what is wrong with my setup, because it seems like this laser should be able to burn something. Browse Related Browse Related.

Also shop in Also shop in. This is a very powerful device and you must never shine it at another person, animal, aircraft or another persons property. Screen Shot at I have my laser working now, just working on the programming for my project now.

CNC 445nm 2W laser cutter problems

Joined Nov 11, Messages 4 Likes 0 Points 0. BW6 Blue Laser Pointer. Here’s a data sheet lasef it: It have more than animation effect inside. Forums New posts Search forums.

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