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Here is where things get fun. If you’re having any trouble, it might be related to your drive letter problem. I’m not sure why but thats one of the things on my “checklist”. Fri Feb 13, 6: Thu Feb 12, 3:

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Well I checked and strangely enough the LUN’s thing was still disabled.

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The drives report in XP properties as being target ID 0: I could swear I answered this once already For all of the help and insight you guys have provided, my hat is off. Bright Wire Ars Praefectus Tribus: Sounds like he is using a ready-made device that should be taking care of the termination.

You will have better luck with it. Get a controller instead. Boot from this floppy and flash the controller. I filled the drives with CD’s to check and see which letters were valid and only 3 of the new letters recognize a CD present.

May 5, Posts: May 25, Posts: So aain I thank you for your kind help as I 294uw to research the hardware problems that may very well be 29940uw source. Well it seems we have come 2 steps closer to figuring out the exact nature f the problem. Post what is listed for the Target-ID and LUN for a number of devices, particularly if you can determine which ones are ‘ghosts’. I have also read over the appropriate link describing how to properly terminate these drives on the cable.

I have 2 major problems in this setup.

SCSI and WinXP problems – Ars Technica OpenForum

I would just like to take a second and directly thank each and every one of you who has been helping me work towards a solution to this mess. Originally posted by DriverGuru: Lun and et cetera et cetera all the way through target ID of 5.

Fri Feb 13, Sep 4, Posts: You never flash a SCSI controller with devices attached. I also had to move the adapter around and try all the open pci slots in order for it to function correctly.

The BIOS of the card is 1. I got an Adaptec uw for this purpose.

SCSI and WinXP problems

Thu Feb 12, 9: I’m not sure why but thats one of the things on my “checklist”. So now I am missing 3 of the 6 drives due to “ghost letters”. Get Floppy boot disk with no config,sys or autoexec.

Windows XP apparently does not like the idea of sharing anything short of a hard drive. Granted, that can be tricky with 50 pin devices and a 68 pin connector, but presumably the manufacturer took that into account.

Thu Feb 12, 3: Put the flash utility and bin files on this disk 2. Wed Feb 11, 8: Here is where things get fun. I presently believe the termination of them is 2940ua as the 3 “real” drives I can see all properly play the discs inserted into their respective trays.

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